Case Studies
Golf iPhone App
  • Turning Stone Golf
  • Rome, NY

Designed, developed and hosted the iPhone application for Turning Stone Golf, voted in top 100 golf courses in the country.

The iPhone app is rich in features including GPS integration and scoreboard, includes information for 5 golf courses within the same app. Exelanz offers the end to end solution including UI/UX design, app development, CMS, publishing to app store and ongoing 24/7 maintenance.

Try out the app at

AWS Management
  • Empathy Logic
  • Silicon Valley, California

Empathy Logic is a startup firm in Silicon Valley, California. It offers a SaaS-based marketing analytics software. Exelanz offers AWS infrastructure management service to Empathy Logic and it’s customers. We are responsible for 24×7 maintenance and support, active security monitoring, and cost and performance optimization.

Managed Hosting & Maintenance: Multiple Websites
  • Large resort in New York
  • New York, USA

Exelanz manages 20+ websites and mobile apps for a large resort in New York. We offer end to end solution including development, hosting, 24×7 support and business analytics. All online and mobile apps are hosted in the cloud, and driven by a secure, centralized CMS.

Integrated Android & iPhone App
  • Turning Stone Resort & Casino
  • Rome, NY

Turning Stone Resort and Casino is one of the largest casino in New York. Exelanz designed, developed, and currently hosts and maintains its Android and iPhone app. The Android and iPhone app, along with the website are driven by an integrated CMS (content management system) so that they can all be updated at the same time. It saved the casino hundreds of man hours per year.

Cloud-based Billing and Booking Software
  • Turning Stone Resort & Casino
  • Verona, NY

Exelanz designed, developed and is currently maintaining a cloud-based billing and booking software for Turning Stone Resort and Casino. The software is used for the following purposes:

  • Secure payment request
  • Booking of events and accomodation
  • Recurring billing (subscription management)

Cloud-hosted Video Streaming Platform
  • MAA TV, Top 10 media companies in India
  • Hyderabad, India

Architected a VOD (video on demand) streaming platform for one of the largest media conglomerates in the world, MAA TV. The platform is equivalent to Netflix, includes a comprehensive set of features including CDN, DRM and different pricing models (AVOD, SVOD, TVOD).

The platform is hosted on top of Amazon Web Services. Exelanz is managed services providers, offers managed hosting and development services.

Casino Resort Website Design
  • Turning Stone Resort and Casino
  • Rome, NY

Turning Stone Resort and Casino is one of the largest casino in New York. Exelanz designed and developed it’s website We currently host (cloud hosting) and maintain the website on an ongoing basis.

Cloud-based BPM Software
  • EazyTec, top 10 ISVs in China
  • Yixing, China

EazyTec is one of the largest ISVs in China, top 3 BIOS manufacturers in the world. Exelanz built a cloud-based BPM (business process management) software for EazyTec. It was a very large custom software development project involving 20+ engineers for a period of 3+ years.

Managed Cloud Hosting for USA Government
  • City municipality in USA Government
  • Nebraska, USA

A public sector client, prominent city municipality in USA, used to host 100+ websites in their internal server infrastructure. The capital expense and maintenance cost was very expensive. Exelanz helped the city move all of their websites to the cloud. It involved setting up a hosting architecture on the cloud with backup and DR, migrating the websites to the cloud and configuring the cloud resources to optimize for cost, performance and security. We have been maintaining the cloud infrastructure for the city since then.

SaaS HRM Software
  • Camp Woodward
  • Pennsylvania, USA

Camp Woodward runs summer camps throughout US that offer programming in gymnastics, skateboarding, BMX Freestyle and other adventure sports. Due to the nature of the summer camps, Woodward frequently hires many part-time employees. Each new hire was required to fill out and sign several contract agreements on paper. Filling out the documents on physical paper, getting them signed and then storing them for archival purposes was very cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive. Exelanz analyzed the issue and suggested a cloud-based solution for the entire employee hiring and management process. We designed and developed a web-based solution that employees could use to complete the contract documents online and also sign them electronically. The solution was compliant with the US digital signature law. Woodward was able to save hundreds of hours of manual work needed for verifying and storing the contract documents on physical paper using this solution.

Gaming Software Maintenance
  • Leading casino in NY
  • New York, USA

One of the largest casinos in New York engaged Exelanz to maintain their IT infrastructure. Exelanz engineers have been successfully doing so for more than a year now. We helped the casino save over $0.5M per year. Exelanz engineers provide 24/7/365 support.

SaaS-based eLearning Platform
  • Anthony Garreffi, TheBigLearn
  • Boston, USA

A Boston based start-up was looking to build an eLearning platform. The founder was apprehensive about the cost and efforts required to build the platform plus other IT costs such as hosting and internet marketing. We designed and developed the complete eLearning platform for the client. Plus, we offered the Exelanz Start-up Package that included everything required to get his business up and running: hosting, internet marketing, business email account and other essential tools. The start-up was then able to focus on the core business operations and not worry about any of the IT requirements. They were able to save thousands of dollars in upfront IT investment and now pay a small monthly fee based on usage and growth.

SaaS-based Medical Billing Software
  • Leading health insurance company in USA
  • Chicago, IL

A Chicago-based healthcare services organization offered language interpretation and translation services to hospitals. They wanted to develop a SaaS application that language interpreters, hospital supervisors and company administrators could all use to facilitate language translation and also invoice for those services. Client wanted to develop the application in the SaaS model as third party language service providers also used the application to provide their services to healthcare institutions. The needs analysis phase was very important in this project as we had to understand the different users of the system and how they would use it. The Exelanz team designed and developed the entire application from ground up and also provided the IT operations support on an ongoing basis. Our expertise in developing SaaS applications and deploying to cloud infrastructure played a key role in the success of this project.

Online Video Conference
  • Leading real-estate company
  • Chicago, IL

A leading real estate company in the southwestern US wanted to develop a web-based conference system that integrated with their existing website. Users typically were mortgage seekers and lenders who discussed real estate loans through a web conference. Client wanted to develop a proprietary system rather than using a commercial package such as WebEx and GoToMeeting as it had to be customized for their specific needs yet needed to have all features of a commercial web conference system. We understood the business needs, interviewed some of the key users of the system and prepared a detailed scope of work that included product definition, project plan and milestones. We started development of the conference system, which was a very complex project that included features such as: screen sharing, video chat, audio chat and whiteboard. The project was done on-time and within budget. It has saved our client considerable costs in meeting and travel expenses to date.

Cloud Management Software
  • Jimmy Chen, Genie Capital
  • Taiwan

Managing IT resources on a cloud infrastructure can be cumbersome. There currently are no uniform standards across different cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and Windows Azure. Providers have to learn different APIs to deploy and configure the resources on the cloud, and then learn a different set of technologies such as load balancing and auto scaling to maintain the cloud resources on an ongoing basis.
We designed and developed a product named CloudWiz that simplifies these tasks immensely. CloudWiz is a complete cloud infrastructure management platform. It is used by organizations to manage their cloud infrastructure – private or public. IT administrators in organizations can use CloudWiz to do a variety of things easily and effectively: deploying applications to cloud, load balancing the servers, auto scaling (depending on application need) and managing security permissions. Having expertise in all layers of cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) we were able to design this complete platform from ground up.