Cloud Migration

Migrate on-premise data and applications to secure cloud infrastructure
Cloud Migration

Exelanz helps you move on-premise IT data, application and resources to a private and public cloud infrastructure. Exelanz’s automated migration process moves the entire ‘stack’ – operating system, applications, network, and storage configuration – for you. Save time and money from doing a manual migration.

Transitioning from traditional to cloud infrastructure may be daunting to many businesses and rightly so. Cloud computing is an entirely different world. The technology stack, way to manage and access the resources, and cost of using the tools are all different.

It is possible to just copy-paste the traditional code (or data) to the cloud. But then the true value of cloud is not realized. It can result in increased cost and decreased scalability in many cases. Several things such as performance, security and storage must be rethought of when migrating to cloud.

Our team of cloud gurus analyze the code (or data) that is being moved and optimize every piece for the cloud. Our years of experience in all leading cloud platforms and technologies enable us to leverage the true realization of cloud – increased scalability and decreased cost!

Unique Benefits
  • Experienced professionals in all cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Rackspace
  • Engineers experienced in all leading technologies including PHP, .Net, JAVA, Oracle and SAP
  • Fanatic 24x7x365 support
  • Ongoing maintenance at a flat fee per month
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