Cloud ROI Calculator
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Est. cost of cloud: $30.78 per mo
Few facts about cloud pricing
  • Cloud is cheaper for hosting multiple, large websites and applications. Traditional sharing hosting is still cheaper for individual, small websites.
  • Cloud pricing is variable, i.e, pricing changes every month depending on resources (server, storage, etc..) you use. The number of such factors are in hundreds, therefore, cloud pricing is often complicated to understand.
  • Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure offer the best value for money. Refer to see a comparison.
  • A good consultant can save you infrastructure cost as he should optimize the resources based on usage.
  • Going through a reseller will help you save 5-6% cost every month. *Exelanz is a certified AWS reseller.
Save Cloud Infrastructure Cost

Cloud pricing is variable and complicated to understand. Ask us how we can help you save up to 30% in cloud infrastructure cost.