Served top 10 ISVs and Government in China

Exelanz has conducted business in Greater China for more than 5 years. With a proven track record, Exelanz is focused on leveraging local best practices and successes, and is dedicated to delivering premium client value and results.

In line with the rest of Exelanz, we work with ambitious business leaders in China to transform great companies into sharper, smarter, better versions of themselves. Our mission is to help management teams create such high levels of economic value that together we redefine our respective industries.

We’ve worked with change-oriented multinationals and local clients in Beijing, Shanghai and Yixing, combining our global experience with a deep understanding of the Chinese market and culture. Our clients span a mix of sectors including ISVs, Hardware, Manufacturing and Government.

Unique Benefits
  • Served top 10 ISVs and Government in China
  • Employs engineers who can speak and write Chinese
  • Offers cloud computing services in China
Industry Highlights
Engineers speak Chinese

Exelanz employs engineers who speak and write Chinese. Communication and project management becomes easy. We are very experienced in working in China understaning local culture and values.

Cloud Computing in China

Exelanz has partnered with AWS to provide the necessary infrastructure and network services required to deliver cloud computing services in China. We employ a large and growing team of solution architects, customer support technicians, and sales staff to support our Chinese customers.

Case Study
Cloud-based software development for large Chinese customer

EazyTec is one of the largest ISVs in China and top 3 BIOS manufacturers in the world. Exelanz built a cloud-based BPM (business process management) software for EazyTec. It was a very large custom software development project involving 20+ engineers for a period of 3+ years.