Cloud DevOps

Automating Dev-to-Ops lifecycle in Cloud
Cloud DevOps

Exelanz’s Cloud DevOps service automates and represents key parts of the Dev-to-Ops life-cycle to build the speed and recurrence of software releases without compromising quality or reliability of software in production. We assist in complete software development life-cycle, including: resource provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, software updates, monitoring and access control.

Forward thinking businesses understand that increasing the speed in which they can deploy applications is critical in making their business more agile and aggressive. Many are using Cloud DevOps to eliminate bottlenecks and enhance productivity over their Software Development Life-cycle (SDLC).

Exelanz Cloud DevOps service helps with on-demand provisioning of platforms, automating application and service settings and supervising security and operational SLAs over all parts of the development process.

Unique Benefits
  • Reduced time to market by automating the release management process
  • Improved team productivity through life-cycle automation and developer self-service
  • Improved software quality through the use of “fail fast” processes and automated testing
Service Highlights
Supports geographically distributed teams

We are very experienced in working with and supporting geographically distributed teams. We offer several self-service tools for developer. Combined with our world-class technical support, Exelanz DevOps is a perfect fit for large, remote development teams.

Fanatic 24x7 technical support

We offer 24x7x365 support (366 days for a leap year :)) with a SLA down to 5-minute response time on critical issues. Call us anytime on our phone number and you will find someone available!

Work directly with engineers

Your engineers work directly with our engineers, NOT go through sales or account management. Customers have direct access to engineers working the project 24×7 via phone, email and Skype. By removing any communication overhead, we ensure quick turnaround for your requests.

Success Stories
DevOps for City of Omaha

City of Omaha uses development teams from multiple countries including USA and India. As a part of cloud infrastructure management, we also offer DevOps services. Our service  includes automating their existing infrastructure using Chef, writing, testing and maintaining cookbooks, and automating Dev, Staging and Production environments.