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Data security is a matter of concern only when financial transaction is taken into account. Financial data are more vulnerable to cyber attacks or data breach due to security non compliance in the Information System. Majority of transactions are routed through credit card, debit card and online payment mode which makes the system highly vulnerable and easily exposed to hackers. Companies from Payment card industry like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and other private labels created a security system for securing sensitive data and prevent credit card fraud.

Branded card holder companies like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB belonging to payment card industry were running their separate data security programs. Then, they decided to collaborate their efforts for better information security by floating an organization name PCI DSS. This is called as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The security standard regulated by the body is a set of processes to stop financial data breach. The body monitors and ensures that the rules and regulations are implemented and followed stringently at the client and card holder’s end.

The question seems to be very intriguing as we can see that both sounds similar and still there is a question which is differentiating. But, the fact is that Cloud service management is meant for Cloud Provider ( IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) to their end clients. We need to understand first, what is Cloud Infrastructure? to answer the question. Every enterprises have their data centers to manage their tons of information resources. Earlier, they had to own these servers ,but, now they can outsource to third party Cloud providers on a pay as you use basis. This helps the enterprise to save on cost and reduce overhead expenses like Staff expenses.

By financial sector, we always mean enterprises dealing with investment, banking, insurance, credit card, real estate funds, stock brokerages, government entities. The financial transaction is always hailed as the most confidential information across the corporation. Financial Institutions have been very skeptical and wary while selecting a vendor to deal with their information technology domain. There are multiple government regulation guidelines and best practices to deal with any kind of financial information. Data security always remains as one of the top priority subjects for financial institutions while dealing with any IT system installation or upgradation.

ECommerce enterprises are the major beneficiaries with the advent of Cloud Computing. These businesses, mostly attract visitors and sales online. More than 60% of its resources used before sales are available online. Other aspects of eCommerce is sourcing products from vendors, product delivery to customers and managing the supply chain is offline. A typical eCommerce business relies heavily on virtual transactions. These activities prompt the enterprise to build attractive and heavily featured websites with database, high end applications (both web and mobile), high storage and computing capacity for fast performance, 24 X 7 availability, accessibility on every mobile device.

The internet is, these days, awash with very many web services; now that it is so easy to become a web service provider. So the big question, today, is does this present web users with the right resources to get their businesses and online objectives going?

Marketing is one of the key functional department to any enterprise involved in business. An enterprise generate huge amount of user data (unorganized and organized) through different channels like social media, customer feedback (online and offline), loyalty programs, sales and purchases, events, seminar, exhibition, customer support (voice and non voice). Data like order booking to order cancelled and internal data to compare staff’s contribution to change in sales are also taken into account. Marketing function make strategies and assist Sales function in generating income for the company. Therefore, the marketing function has to formulate strategy based on facts and hit the target segment with precision. This is the way for a sales team to exploit the best out of the marketing team.

Traditional hosting is mainly of two types (1) Shared hosting and (2) Dedicated hosting. In shared hosting, you share a server with many other websites and customers. In dedicated hosting, you own a complete server to yourself. It’s essentially buying a computer and having a hosting company manage it to ensure it stays up and running, and connected at all times.

Pricing model for hosting website, application or any resource on Cloud is very dynamic in nature. Pricing depends on various factors like bandwidth, storage, data recovery, backup, processing speed, memory usage, geographic location preference. Then other factors like instant pricing, bidding or long term booking of instances or servers also influence pricing. We have compared various pricing points below in reference to Cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Rackspace, SoftLayer

The most ideal approach to permit a AWS consultant access to your assets hinges on upon your level of commonality with the AWS environment and with frameworks organization as a rule. In the event that you know your direction around the AWS toolset and you’re open to administering SSH keypairs, then you presumably as of recently know how to permit alternate gathering access securely. This article is not implied for you. (Sorry!) If you don’t know your route around the Ec2 toolset, particularly the charge line API devices, and the AWS Management Console or the Elasticfox Firefox Extension, then you will be better off permitting the AWS consultant to start and arrange the Ec2 assets for you.

A cloud server is a virtual server that runs on cloud computing environment. Cloud Servers are built, hosted and delivered through a cloud computing platform over the internet. They run as software-independent units and do not depend on any centrally-installed software. Cloud servers possess similar capabilities and exhibit similar functionality as a typical server but are accessed remotely from a cloud service provider. A Cloud Server is also referred as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS).

The success of a technology solution largely depends on the methodology that is used to develop and deliver it. A methodical approach to software development results in fewer defects and, therefore, ultimately provides shorter delivery times and better value.

We use a combination of agile and waterfall methodology in the product development lifecycle, agile methodology for development and waterfall methodology for the overarching project.

Cloud computing means different to different people, its benefits are different to different people. To IT managers, it means to minimize cap-ex by outsourcing most of the hardware and software resources. To ISVs, it means to reach out to more users by offering a SaaS solution. To end users, it means to access an application from anywhere using any device. In this blog, I write about the evolution of cloud computing, why and how we got to cloud computing. The following diagram illustrates a high level overview.

Casino and gaming industry has long been played in an offline format. They have managed to survive and grow in a slower fashion due to various government (regulations and policies on gambling) intervention. However, the Casino and gaming industry have diversified successfully into various other leisure business activities like restaurant, golf, entertainment, accommodation, spas, event management that compliments gambling. With the diversification into non gambling activities, the Casinos and the gaming companies are now looking forward to consolidate their services and properties under a centralized system. Pure gaming companies too have started developing online games inorder to increase their availability.

Cloud Computing Companies will be the biggest gainer with the growth of the Chinese economy and its wide spread acceptance among its 1.3 billion population and policy makers. China’s aggressive approach to adopt Cloud is evident from its significant investment for creating new Cloud Platforms and SaaS based software and applications support by setting up massive data centers.Chinese government has been indulged in 17 provinces and constructing 30 large scale data centers with an approximate investment of 150 Billion USD on Cloud Computing projects. Over 81% mobile service and 57% internet penetration and its optimistic market Size of 19 Billion USD make China the most preferred destination for Cloud Services.

First there was computer, then came smartphone and now there are many devices that people use as computing platforms. Tablets, TVs, eBook readers are things of the past. Now there are Google Glass, Samsung Watch, Smart TV and many more. The list of devices with processor for computations that can be connected to Internet are increasing every day.

Businesses are opting to use smart devices to increase quality output. Following are a couple of interesting uses of Google Glass

Adopting and migrating to Cloud is a long term strategy and ,so, companies should be serious while choosing a vendor for Cloud Infrastructure provider. generally Cloud Partners don’t give sufficient perceivability into the development of security exercises inside their software development lifecycle.There are some regular security related exercises done by the Cloud Partners to understand the vendor much more clearly.

Principles to follow while moving data centers to cloud.

Some technical advice for AWS Engineers to follow while hosting and managing Cloud Infrastructure

Understand the Pricing structure for Amazon Web Services which simplifies billing and the factors that decide AWS pricing. AWS performance and security features that can help to secure data from hackers and privacy intruders

Benefits that is exclusively to AWS Resellers for delivering Cloud Infrastructure Services to Clients.

You own a retail store and want your customers to easily find the merchandise that they are looking for. How do you achieve this? GPS signals are very poor inside brick and mortar buildings as they travel by line of sight, i.e. GPS signals pass through air and glass but not through all solid objects like buildings.This has been the biggest problem for indoor navigation. This is where iBeacon comes in! iBeacon allows your customer to precise indoor mapping via his smartphone.

Mobile payment is a mode of payment using mobile phones. Instead of using cash, cheque or credit card, a customer can use mobile phone to transfer money or pay for goods and services.

Traditionally mobile payment requires you to store your debit or credit card’s security information on a chip known as Secure Element (SE)on your mobile phone. Since the Secure Element is under carrier control, carriers have limited what apps can access it. Choosing to accept the security risk and avoid using SE was not possible previously.

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