About Exelanz

Exelanz is a leading managed IT services provider specialized in cloud computing.

IT solutions comprise of 3 parts – hardware (servers, hosting), software (packaged enterprise software) and services (custom software development, maintenance). Traditionally, businesses have been sourcing them from different vendors such as app development from CompanyA, hosting from CompanyB, and maintenance and analytics from CompanyC. Being sourced from different vendors, they don’t work well each other, therefore significantly increasing the total cost (TCO).

Exelanz offers all-inclusive IT solutions integrating all these parts, i.e., cloud-based hardware, open source software and custom development and maintenance, at a fraction of the price!
Exelanz is your own IT department. Anything and everything you need in IT – get them all at one place, delivered over cloud.

We are headquartered in New York, USA with offices in UK, China and India.

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